The Alberta Diabetes Foundation, entering its 30th year of research investments in Alberta (which are just shy of $14 million), has amended its bylaws to permit “Branches” or Chapters throughout Alberta. The Head Office for the ADF is in Edmonton, making the logical place for the first branch Calgary, followed by Red Deer. They will help spread the word about the critical work of the Alberta Diabetes Institute, other research groups in Alberta, and assist the Foundation in advancing the objects of Alberta Diabetes Foundation: 

“Increase donations to enable the Alberta Diabetes Foundation to fund a minimum of $1 million annually for diabetes research, right here in Alberta.”

We all want to deliver on impact for people living with diabetes - for treatment, management, and finding a cure for both type 1 and 2 diabetes – and Alberta is the place to make it happen.

Where are we starting from:

• the Foundation currently operates a Halloween Howl Race every October in Calgary
• we run events on an ad-hoc basis, with different themes
• we facilitate third party events
• we have a strong relationship with the Alberta Children’s Hospital (colouring contest, ADF Fun Bags)
• we have research clusters in both Edmonton and Calgary with international recognition.

Where do we want to get to?

• Ultimate Goal: funding a cure for diabetes in Alberta!

We are asking you to get involved and be part of two things:

• A year of celebration as ADF turns 30 in 2018, and that means lots of fun; and
• Helping turn ADF into a household name across Alberta.


The Calgary Branch will serve as the local conduit, feed information and advice into the Foundation Board of Directors, and prioritize where funds raised could be allocated (research possibilities). Plus, it will guide fund raising and community engagement initiatives within the Calgary area.  

Join the Calgary Chapter of the Alberta Diabetes Foundation :

phone: 403-990-6658
Toll Free: 1-800-563-2450

Red Deer

Red Deer is soon to become our newest Chapter location. If you want to get involved let us know.

Get involved
Phone: 403-990-6658
Toll Free: 1-800-563-2450

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