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Organize a fundraising event!

The Alberta Diabetes Foundation relies on dedicated volunteers and supporters, who donate, support and organize third party events on our behalf. You can be one of these people! You can give hope to the more than 2.5 million Canadians living with diabetes.
Whether large fundraisers or small, every single dollar counts and gets us closer to finding a cure.

The Alberta Diabetes Foundation will help you any way they can. Some things we can do:
Provide Tips for a successful fundraising event
Provide a downloadable, easy to fill out Donation Form
Provide a downloadable Action List to keep track of actions and deadlines
Provide volunteer representatives for day-of activities (location dependent)
Provide Alberta Diabetes Foundation logo
Provide Alberta Diabetes Foundation donation brochures
Provide Alberta Diabetes Foundation messaging and signage
Provide giveaways to participants (event dependent)
Promote your event on our website and in our eNewsletter
Include your name or your company’s name on our website as a supporter
Provide an online fundraising page for your event
To organize an event for the Alberta Diabetes Foundation, please review the Third Party Fundraising Agreement form and contact us!

Phone: 780.492.6537

Thank you for your support!
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