Paint A Cure

While we do not have all the pieces of the puzzle, when it comes to a cure for diabetes, but through community and charity, we are painting a future without diabetes.
“Like most people I have friends with diabetes, and as I see them quietly managing their disease, watching what they eat, testing their blood sugars and giving themselves injections; I wish them a greater freedom from their symptoms.

With that in mind, and having been introduced to the various logos and images that the Alberta Diabetes Foundation uses, I had the idea of painting a child blowing onto a dandelion seed head and watching the seeds float free. The seed head is represented by the logo which breaks apart into colourful circles. As the circles float away they become hummingbirds, which is another theme for the foundation and the title of their fundraising gala. I see the whole painting representing hope and, one day, freedom from diabetes.” -Karen Bishop
We believe in the importance of community and charity. It is only when people come together to support a cause does change truly happen. Without your help, this painting will remain broken and in pieces, just as those living with diabetes will continue to suffer. If we come together, this painting will become something completely new and whole.

The new painting will be revealed in November for Diabetes Awareness Month, and anyone who returns their piece will receive a postcard of the new painting. Please check back for weekly updates on the campaign's progress.
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Karen Bishop is a local Edmonton artist whose piece is to become a symbol of hope for diabetes research in Alberta. Karen’s painting was cut into small pieces and mailed to Albertans across the province. 

We asked these recipients to return the piece with a donation to showcase their commitment to diabetes research. The pieces that are mailed back to us at the Alberta Diabetes Foundation will be combined to create a new painting that will represent the future of hope for diabetes research in Alberta. Your donation will help us continue to fund life-changing diabetes research here in Alberta. If you so choose, you can also sign your name on the back of the canvas to further showcase your commitment to diabetes research and to stand with those suffering from diabetes.
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