Diabetes Resources
There are many resources available on the web that can help you with diabetes. Here are a few of our favourite resources.

Healthline provides a comprehensive overview of Type 2 Diabetes.
Health Canada Diabetes: Diabetes is a complex health problem and a national challenge. The purpose of the Canadian Diabetes Strategy, managed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, is to articulate and establish effective diabetes prevention and control strategies for Canada.
Waltzing the Dragon
By parents, for parents. Taming the type 1 diabetes dragon together. provides comprehensive, expert-approved information on the physical and emotional aspects of managing type 1 diabetes, plus tips from the trenches from parents who have lived it.
Alberta Podiatry Association Podiatry is the health care profession that assesses and treats foot ailments and side effects from medical conditions such as diabetes. Podiatrists also treat foot conditions before they become a problem.
About Health/Diabetes
This comprehensive site offers type 2 diabetes medical and lifestyle support, including recipes, exercise, nutrition, and more.


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