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The Alberta Diabetes Foundation funds innovative research for the prevention and treatment of all forms of diabetes. We are aligned with the Alberta Diabetes Institute in Edmonton—one of the world’s finest diabetes research facilities—and progress is being made. Funding is disbursed when and where it’s needed most, moving projects along that may otherwise be stalled, facilitating measurable results.
Get the Facts on Diabetes in Alberta

- 1 million Albertans have diabetes and prediabetes
- There are an estimated 130,000 undiagnosed cases of diabetes 
- Diabetes rates are expected to rise 50% by 2026
- Diabetes reduces lifespan by 5-15 years
- 30% of people with diabetes have depressive symptoms
- Complications of diabetes includes lower limb amputation, heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease, and vision loss

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The Alberta Diabetes Foundation believes in a world without diabetes. We are a small but mighty team of driven people, who strive to fund research that will make a difference.
This is your opportunity to help us build a future without diabetes. 100% of your donation stays within Alberta to help make a positive difference for the 1 million Albertans living with diabetes.
Research is the backbone of the Foundation. From the breakthrough Edmonton Protocol, to Islet Cell transplants, we fund Alberta-based research that is changing the future of diabetes.
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