Ray Rajotte, May 2015
For the first 12 years of its existence, the Alberta Diabetes Foundation funded the clinical research of Dr. Ray Rajotte who pioneered the first-ever islet cell transplant – the biggest breakthrough in diabetes research since the discovery of insulin was made. That work, plus an expanded islet-cell transplant team, and the addition of anti-rejection protocol ended up becoming the “Edmonton Protocol”, now the international standard of care for islet-cell transplantation.

Since 2000 when the Protocol was developed, the Alberta Diabetes Foundation has invested into the capital campaign to build the world-class building that now houses the Alberta Diabetes Institute. And once that was complete, the Foundation has endeavoured to continue to invest in world class research (both type I and type II) right here in Alberta.

ADF works in tandem with the best-in-class Alberta Diabetes Institute to allocate funding where and when it is needed most, ensuring that important diabetes research and projects do not become stalled. We are able to fund projects, even at an early stage, often filling in gaps left by traditional granting organizations. The researchers in Alberta are confident that a world without diabetes is possible, and today they are doing more than providing sustainable solutions to treating diabetes – our researchers are on their way to a cure.
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