The Alberta Diabetes Foundation funds innovative research for the prevention and treatment of all forms of diabetes. We are aligned with the Alberta Diabetes Institute in Edmonton, one of the world’s finest diabetes research facilities, and progress is being made. Funding is disbursed when and where it’s needed most, moving projects along that may otherwise be stalled, facilitating measurable results.
“Understanding the islet cells in the pancreas that make insulin, how they work–and how they can fail–could lead to new ways to treat the disease, delaying or even preventing diabetes.”
Dr Patrick MacDonald


A world without diabetes.

Alberta Diabetes Foundation will be the preeminent diabetes funding organization in Western Canada by raising our profile, developing our resources and infrastructure to operate beyond Edmonton and contributing steadily increasing amounts of money to the search for a cure.


The Alberta Diabetes Foundation rapidly and strategically funds innovative research for the prevention, treatment and cure of diabetes.
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